Tipping Vietnam

Tips are greatly appreciated everywhere in Asia, and Vietnam is no exception. Tips are an important top up to the wages of waiters, porters, room service attendants, taxi drivers etc, whose basic pay is meagre at best. Tips also increase attentiveness of staff to your needs and speed up service. It is polite to leave behind a donation when you visit a pagoda, but it is better to leave nothing than to leave a donation of 1,000-2,000 dong, as this is the amount most Vietnamese would themselves give to a beggar. Tour bus drivers would expect a tip corresponding to the number of weeks in which they chauffeur you, assuming they have provided a satisfactory service. Our guideline is 10,000-15,000 dong per person per day, to be split amongst them. The local tour guides would also expect a tip at the completion of their services, once again, assuming a satisfactory service. Our guideline for this tip is also 10,000-15,000 dong per person per day.

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