Food and drinks Bolivia

Food: In Bolivia, the main meal of the day is lunch (almuerzo). Breakfast (desayuno) tends to be light, even though most hotels and restaurants serve desayuno Americano as well. Generally, Bolivians eat their dinner (cena) late. When eating in small restaurants it is best to opt for a busy place, the food is fresh and appetising. Be careful of salads; they may be cleaned in tap water.
Many local restaurants have a fixed menu (el menú) for around 3 dollars. You get soup followed by a main dish, usually chicken or pork, with rice and vegetables. Each region has its own specialty. In Bolivia, you must try trout (trucha) from Lake Titicaca, reputed to be the world’s largest and most delicious freshly caught fish. Furthermore, you will come across alpacas not only in the wild on the Altiplano, but also in shops, as a woollen jersey; it could also turn up on your plate as a steak. You can buy delicious cakes and snacks.

Drink: Tap water is not suitable for consumption. Buy bottles of purified drinking water, available all over the country. Make sure that the bottles have their original seals intact. Ice cubes are also a bad idea, as these are made of tap water. Agua con gas means water with gas and agua sin gas means water without bubbles. Té means common tea as we know it, and ‘mate’ means herb tea. You will frequently come across ‘mate de coca’, tea made of coca leaves. It is supposed to be good for altitude sickness and is very popular in the highlands. Generally, coffee is available but don’t expect much; usually it is Nescafe. Café con leche means coffee with milk (it tastes more like milk with coffee!). Hot chocolate is popular, as are fresh fruit juices. In La Paz market, you can compose your own mixed juice by pointing to the fruits you like and they will squeeze them for you. Soft drinks such as coke are on sale everywhere.

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