Safety Brazil

Brazil has a bad reputation when it comes to robbery. If you are assaulted, try not to resist. Report the crime at a police station to authenticate your insurance claim. Not every traveller is robbed. On the contrary, most visitors never come to any harm at all. You will find that you will feel very much at ease in Brazil, with its friendly population. But you do have to be extra watchful in the big cities (especially Rio de Janeiro) and it is better to take a few precautions. Make copies of important travel documents such as your passport, airline tickets, insurance, numbers of traveller’s cheques, (store these away from the originals) and take extra passport photos for possible formalities. Money and important papers can best not be carried in a handbag. Wear them on your body, for instance in pockets on the inside of your clothing or in a money belt beneath your clothes, and make use of safe-deposit boxes as often as possible in hotels. Put the money you need for small payments in your wallet so it is easily accessible. Pickpockets are especially active on cross-town buses, at busy stops, markets and on the beach. Don’t wear expensive jewellery or watches. Stow away your money before walking out of a bank and don’t flaunt your money. Be careful on busy streets: speed limits, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights do not appear to have the effect we are used to.

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