Weather and climate Brazil

Climate: Brazil has various types of climates because it is such an enormous country. Consequently it is difficult to say which period is best for travelling. In general, the Brazilian winter is from June to September and summer from December to March. In summer the temperatures across the country can rise to over 30° centigrade, but even in winter it is summery warm by British standards. All year round you can expect (often short) rain showers everywhere. The more southerly you travel, the bigger the differences in temperature between summer and winter. The Amazon area has a hot and humid climate. Here the best time to travel is during the dry season (June-October). It is always warm, with temperatures between 25 and 30°C. The coastal zone in the northeast has a pleasantly warm climate the whole year round. From April to June it is possible to have downpours. In the southern coastal states it rains in the summer (December – March). In Rio de Janeiro: temperatures during Brazilian winters are around 25°C, in the summer, 27°C. The swampy Pantanal is dry from April – September. It is less humid then and there are fewer mosquitoes. The Pantanal is very green at this time and the flowering season is in August. Temperatures are around 30°C the whole year. In Foz do Iguaçu: temperatures in the Brazilian winter are around 22°C, and in the summer around 30°C.

Best time to travel: Brazil is good to travel through all the year round. December to February is the high season for tourists; during these months the Brazilians also have their holidays. In the tourist areas prices increase markedly in this period.

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