Luggage and clothing Colombia

The easiest way to travel in Colombia is with a backpack or a backpack with wheels. A suitcase is also allowed, but this is often difficult to store in the bus. We recommend a weight of 15 kg of luggage, per person.

We recommend light clothing, t-shirts with short and long sleeves, warm clothing and two or three pairs of long trousers. This is because the great differences in altitude mean that you cross different climatic zones.

Other items that are also convenient in Colombia are walking shoes, sandals and/or trainers, sandals, flashlight, binoculars, sewing kit, detergent, towels, daypack, universally valid adapter plug, travel and language guide, ear plugs, inflatable pillow, photo and video camera, plenty of photo material, toiletries, swimsuits, solar reflective cream (for face - high factor), sunglasses with high UV protection, alarm clock, pencils, scissors and a pocket knife. A sleeping bag, mattress or mosquito net are not necessary.