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Cuba tours

Those who embark on selected Cuba tours will be greeted by the friendly and musical people of the island. Salsa music runs in Cuban blood and plays an important role in this exotic island. Everywhere you go you hear the tones of swinging salsa and you see the exuberant Cubans shaking their hips to the music! During your journey through Cuba you can also enjoy the impressive history, the friendly cities, beautiful beaches and stunning nature.

Cuba travel stimulates all of the senses. The smell of tobacco, the taste of a delicious Cuba Libre, the feeling of salsa and the beautiful colours of nature ... Cuba will flow through your body! The people are relaxed, despite the political climate and the influence of Fidel Castro. Cubans prefer dancing all day and are always good humoured. If you are going to travel to Cuba then you will receive a warm welcome from them!

Naturally our tours to Cuba take in the bustling city of Havana. This fantastic city is full of charming streets and squares, terraces and cosy bars. Santiago de Cuba is also very much alive. The most famous musicians of Cuba come from this town and so therefore many music bars are found here, also known locally as "casa de la trova''.
The ancient city of Trinidad is well worth a visit during our group trip. A true open-air museum, where donkeys pull wagons through the streets and bird men (called Pajareros) can be seen walking around with their birds in cages. Unforgettable!

Travels to Cuba also offer plenty of sun, sea and sand. In Varadero for example you can enjoy the beautiful green-blue sea where the snorkelling is fantastic. In Baracoa you can relax completely underneath a palm tree enjoying your fresh coconut juice. The immediately noticeable front verandas of the houses in this town make you feel like you’ve landed in a western!

Travelling in Cuba is travelling in a country with a great climate and diverse nature. The old buildings are full of colours and the cities are home to a cheery population. After experiencing one of Shoestrings Cuba tours, this swinging country will always hold a special place in your heart!

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The Beauties of the East

The Beauties of the East

15 days Tailor made holiday

Holguín - Santiago de Cuba - Baracoa - Santiago de Cuba - Bayamo - Camaguey - Holguín

For the nature lovers the east of Cuba is the answer. Go to the Sierra Maestra, the Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt or hike up the table mountain near Baracoa, called El Yunque (the anvil). You can also taste the real Cuban life in the cities of Bayamo, Camaguey and Baracoa and of course Santiago de Cuba. In Santiago de Cuba you can get your feet off the ground and show off your dance moves, if you dare.
From € 538,-
The Highlights of Cuba

The Highlights of Cuba

15 days Tailor made holiday

Havana - Viñales - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Santa Clara - Varadero

A beautiful tour through the highlights of Cuba. Go back to the fifties in Havana and see how the locals make the best cigars in Viñales. Marvel at the colonial buildings in Cienfuegos or visit the waterfall of El Nicho. Next visit the world heritage city of Trinidad with its colourful houses, where you can hear music wherever you go. Follow your feet and see where they take you. Discover the hometown of Che Guavarra in Santa Clara before relaxing on the white beaches of Varadero.
From € 581,-
The Locals of Cuba

The Locals of Cuba

15 days Tailor made holiday

Havana - Viñales - Playa Giron - Cienfuegos - Trinidad - Sancti Spiritus - Santa Clara - Havana

This trip will take you from the busy streets of Cuba’s capital city (Havana), to the underwater world which you can find in Playa Girón, to the beautiful architecture in Cienfuegos. You will also visit the colourful city of Trinidad, where you can salsa-dance the night away. Enjoy the green tobacco valleys of Viñales and learn about the process of making a Cuban cigar. Your journey will end in Havana before heading back home. Don’t forget to drink one more mojito or a Cuba Libre!
From € 683,-
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