Safety Egypt

Parts of Egypt are dominated by Islamic fundamentalists. Over the past decade there have been a number of incidents in which tourists were targeted. Since the army and police surveillance is considerable we think it is safe to travel to the country, although we cannot give any security warrants. We will adapt our holidays should the security situation require us to do so. Pickpocketing is rife in the big cities, so mind your things when walking through crowded streets or riding on a bus. Egyptian men often pay western women a lot of attention. Even though they are a small minority, this can be very annoying and sometimes outright threatening. In general we recommend that women do not walk alone in Cairo, but rather always stay with at least one other person. Should you still be harassed, do not be angry. It is much more effective to ask how they would like it if western men made the same kinds of remarks to their wives, daughters and sisters. Do not leave money or valuables lying around in your room. Hotel staff may be trusted in principle, but their wages are low and you would not want to tempt them.