All frequently asked questions about matters after your trip

Perhaps you would like to share some of your wonderful travel experiences or maybe you have a complaint to make? Below you will find frequently asked questions concerning what happens after your trip.

I have a complaint about the tour, where can I submit it?

That’s disappointing to hear that not everything has been satisfactory during your tour. We must receive all complaints in writing before we can handle them. You can email your complaint to [email protected]. Please make sure to send this within a month of your return date and we will then endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

Can I share my experience with other travellers?

That is certainly possible! After the tour, you will receive a survey about the tour. We would love to hear how you experienced the journey. We process the surveys anonymously. We would also love to hear of your positive experiences via our Facebook page. In this way, future travellers can get a good impression of Shoestring tours!

Would you like to receive some of my nicest photos of the tour?

We always like to receive great pictures from the tours that our travellers take. If you want to share your photos, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

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