Frequently asked questions about Nicaragua

What is the best time to go to Nicaragua?

The most ideal time to visit the country is during the months July to September and from November to January. Nicaragua has a tropical climate. That means a dry and wet season. The dry season runs from January to June, it's especially dry in April and May. Both seasons have their advantages and disadvantages. Generally, in the dry season the heat a little stronger, but then there are fewer insects and everything is easily accessible. In the wet season roads are sometimes impassable, but the big advantage is that the country is at its most beautiful. Everything looks gorgeous, it is multicoloured and it is undoubtedly the best time for walks and for visiting National Parks.

Is a visa required?

It is your own responsibility to make sure you have a valid passport and a visa if required. For Nicaragua a passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry. UK/Most EU citizens do not need a visa at present to enter Nicaragua as a tourist. These things can change and we suggest you check at least 6 weeks before departure with your nearest Nicaraguan embassy for current information. There is presently a fee of 10 USD to enter Nicaragua (8/5/12).

How safe is it?

Nicaragua, in contrast to what people sometimes may think, is a relatively safe country. Political sensitivities are there, but rarely lead to tension. As is true everywhere, of course, it is wise to watch your step. Especially at night it is not advisable to walk alone on the streets, especially in the capital Managua.

What is the situation with currency?

The Cordoba is the currency of Nicaragua. 1 Euro is equivalent to 30.4 cordoba (8/5/12) but you can check the current exchange rate here. The US Dollar is widely accepted in Nicaragua and is also the only foreign currency that can exchanged in the country. If you plan to do this, we recommend bringing low denomination notes and in good condition. There are also ATMs that will dispense cash usually in both dollars and cordoba.

How do I maintain contact with home?

Telephoning home on the landline is very expensive. In larger cities there is a good cheap alternative: Internet calling. Moreover, the internet itself is very cheap. The post is reliable, but not fast. Postcards will therefore undoubtedly arrive, but are best sent at the beginning of the journey!.

What is the time difference?

Nicaragua operates on GMT -6 hours and with no daylight saving. You can check current times here.

Can I add extra nights and transfers?

Yes, you can pre book a transfer on arrival plus any pre/post tour nights. You can simply add these to your booking form at time of reservation.

Do I need vaccinations or malaria tablets?

Please click here for questions regarding vaccinations or malaria tablets for this country and contact after your local practitioner or a specialized health centre and make an appointment to get your shots and pills. Please make sure that you allow at least six weeks for a full program. People who already have had a few shots might do with two weeks. You are responsible for having the right protection when going on tour.

What happens if i book alone?

You are welcome to book alone. If you do not pay the single supplement to ensure your own room, no problem- we will match you up with a fellow traveller of the same sex (when possible).

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