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Ethiopia group tours

Are you a genuine adventurer? Then it’s fair to say that Ethiopia group tours would definitely be your thing. This country will surprise you with its diversity in culture and scenery. Amazing landscapes, the primitive tribes, colourful markets and impressive buildings of which many are named on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

A visit of Lalibela, the 8th Wonder of the World, will be one of the tour highlights. The churches carved out of the rock are very impressive, as is the story of their origin. The scent of incense and the singing of the churchgoers will excite your senses during this part of the group tour. Ethiopia is also a country of kings and an interesting excursion is the visit to the city of Gondar. This city has been the kings’ home for centuries. In the amazing palaces and churches of these Ethiopian kings you’ll find colourful wall paintings telling the story of the country’s glorious past.

During your group tour of Ethiopia, you’ll meet different native tribes, each with its own traditional and colourful rituals. Discover wooden totems, characteristic markets, homemade clothing and strange body decorations: for example, Mursi women wear plates in their under lips and men walk naked or with only a cloth around their shoulders.

One of the highlights for nature lovers is the Mago National Park. In this national park, deserts, savannahs, hills and rivers alternate with each other. It is home to numerous animals among which you’ll find birds, crocodiles, hippos, apes and gazelles. The diversity of the landscape makes this park special and very interesting.

The group travels through Ethiopia are unbelievably beautiful tours. The hospitable population and the diverse scenery will be at the heart of the breath-taking and lasting memories of your holiday. Join a Shoestring Ethiopia group tour!

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