Landscape Guatemala

Guatemala is among the most attractive destinations in Latin America. The area has a great diversity of landscapes and has a rich culture. The beautiful colonial city of Antigua is a legacy from the days of Spanish rule. Baroque churches, rustic squares, green parks, ancient monasteries and colonial homes dominate in the view. The area through which we travel is predominantly poor. Especially in the mountains and the Guatemalan jungle lowlands which are home to many Mayan Indians who still worship ancient gods. The Mayans have left behind numerous archaeological cultural treasures in the mountains and jungles of Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. During this tour you will see the most beautiful temples and pyramids of their ancient culture.

Guatemala has an area of ​​109,000 square kilometers (about three times as large as the Netherlands) and shares borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The landscape is mountainous and above the dozens (sometimes active) of volcanoes the mountains look spectacular. The province has a vast lowland El Peten jungle, where the archaeological site of Tikal is beautifully situated. The many animals of the jungle include: coatis, jaguars, deer, snakes, birds, pumas and monkeys. The beautiful but rare quetzal is Guatemala's national bird.

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