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If you want to discover the true beauty of Central-America, join one of our Guatemala tours! Guatemala is a diverse country when it comes to scenery, culture and its inhabitants. There is no way you will miss the genuine Maya culture that is all around you while travelling in Guatemala. Typical rituals, traditional clothing… you’ll be amazed by what you see!

If you travel through Guatemala, you’ll discover the fantastic cultural heritage of mysterious temple ruins from the Maya and the Aztec eras. This past still plays a vital role in today’s society as the catholic faith is interwoven with Mayan beliefs. Many traditions have thus been preserved. There are about 5.000 archaeological places connected with the Maya. Naturally, it is not possible to see them all during the limited time on a group tour but everywhere you go in Guatemala you’ll discover pyramids hidden in the jungle. The enormous temple complexes of Tikal, situated in the Peten Jungle, are particularly impressive!

During your tour of Guatemala you’ll experience the huge diversity of the country. The many volcanoes in Guatemala’s mountainous area are spectacular, as are the mangroves, the adventurous jungle, colonial cities and the small native villages. Travelling in Guatemala introduces you to the diverse population as well: The Latinos that can be found in the elegant, colonial cities, the colourful Maya with their buzzing markets and the laid-back Creoles on the coast. 

Any tour itinerary of Guatemala will include a visit to the lake of Atitlán, for many the most beautiful lake in the world. Surrounded by high volcanoes and spectacular views this will be one of the many highlights during your tour of Guatemala. Have you always wanted to climb a volcano? This is an unforgettable experience and definitely something to put on your ‘To do-list’ while travelling in Guatemala. Enjoy the delicious food, intimate bars and beautiful churches in the colonial cities. The church in San Juan Chamula is fascinating: here, you can witness how shamans use items like chickens, incense and Coca-Cola to cure people.

Travelling through Guatemala with its fantastic views, impressive ruins and lovely villages will leave you with many unforgettable moments. After your travels, Guatemala and its vibrant culture will always have a special place in your heart.

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Country info Guatemala

  • Background information
  • Religion Guatemala
    About 60% of the population are Catholic with most of the rest being Protestant. Some indigenous communities hold services combining Catholicism with pre-Columbian rites.
  • Food and drinks Guatemala
  • Tipping Guatemala
    Employees working in restaurants and hotels earn little. You can ensure that their situation is a fraction eased by leaving a good tip. The directive is (at least if satisfact
  • Weather and climate Guatemala
    Guatemala's climate varies according to altitude. The coastal areas and the northeast are hot throughout the year with an average temperature of 20°C (68°F) sometimes
  • Population Guatemala
    Guatemala has a population of about 13,8 million. About 59% of the population is Ladino, also called Mestizo and European (mixed Amerindian and Spanish). Whites are a much sma
  • Landscape Guatemala
    Guatemala is among the most attractive destinations in Latin America. The area has a great diversity of landscapes and has a rich culture. The beautiful colonial city of Antig
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Guatemala
    visa: A visa is not required to enter Guatemala at this time. This can change at anytime so please check here for the latest information. passport: Your passport should be
  • Time differences Guatemala
    Guatemala time is GMT-6 hours with no daylight saving. Please check here for current times of various locations.
  • Money Guatemala
    The Quetzal is the official currency of Guatemala. It is equal to 100 centavos. Notes are in denominations of Q100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1, and 50 centavos. Coins are in denomina
  • Luggage and clothing Guatemala
    This trip is partly spent in tropical lowland and partly by the mountains where there is a temperate climate with some cold nights. Therefore, take thin cotton clothes. For ev
  • Communication Guatemala
    post: The post in Guatemala is slow. If you want to make sure that your mail arrives, and within a reasonable time, give your letters and cards directly to the post office (c
  • Information for people at home Guatemala
    Please make sure to leave your travel plans with someone at home. Shoestring are not able to pass on any of your details to a third party. Make sure to complete the section on
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