India tours

Those who would like to take one of our India tours are best off looking right here! In terms of attractions, this South Asian country is especially fascinating. If you are going to travel around India you will come across a huge diversity of landscapes , which include the desert, river and plateau and the landmark Himalayan range in the north of the country.

Travel in India will leave an unforgettable impression on you. The Himalayas and the great holy River Ganges where every year millions of Hindus come to wash and cleanse their souls are some of the most popular attractions. And then of course there is the Taj Mahal, the huge mausoleum in Agra that is one of the most famous buildings in the UNESCO World Heritage List and considered one of the seven new wonders of the world. In short: travel to India will open your eyes!

Besides these famous landmarks you will see so many more beautiful things during our group trips in India. The country has numerous national parks where you can marvel at the beautiful scenery and rare species of India. Travelling in our groups you will get to see the real diversity of this country, both in terms of nature, culture and religion. During your visit to the cities of Mumbai and Delhi, you will undergo a true culture shock! Touring rickshaws, spitting mopeds and even elephants waiting at the traffic lights! ... Are you going to travel to India? you will move from one amazing sight to another!

Throughout Shoestrings India tours you will get to know the diverse Indian cuisine, enjoy the warm welcome of the friendly and hospitable people and then always keep this country in your heart !

Country info India

  • Background information
  • Culture India
    The cultural differences between Europeans and Indians are so vast that one could write a book about them. Below is an overview of some points to take into account when mixing
  • Religion India
    The large majority of Indians (82%) are Hindu. The proportion of Muslims is 11.3%. There are also Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Parsis, Baha’is and Animists
  • Festivals India
    Whatever time of year you visit, it is likely that some festival or other is taking place during your stay. There is often something going on in the temples every full moon. S
  • Food and drinks India
    The eating habits in India differ greatly from Europe and adjusting can prove tricky. People usually sit on the floor and eat with their right hand from a metal plate. Hands a
  • Tipping India
    Staffs in hotels expect a tip for bringing the luggage in and for rendering small services. The wages in Indian hotels and restaurants are extremely low, with the exception of
  • Weather and climate India
    Northern India, which includes Rajasthan, has a warm and dry climate with cold nights during the winter and extremely high temperatures in May and June (temperatures during th
  • Population India
    India’s population is made up of different ethnic groups. In the Northwest, people generally have a lighter skin colour than in the South. In the Northeast, people have
  • Landscape India
    Rajasthan: An exotic state, resembling something out of a storybook. The landscape is characterised by endless desert, interspersed with caravans, camels, fortress cities and
  • Background Info India
    The castes Unlike in western societies, where the principle of equality of individuals is stressed, in India one man in principle is not equal to the other. Society is div
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information India
    On your first day in India, take it easy. Take time to adapt. The change of climate, culture and food can be quite challenging. Particularly in the larger cities, traders can
  • Time differences India
    In India it is four and a half hours later than in western Europa (five and a half hours later than in Britain). In the summertime, the difference is one hour less.
  • Money India
    The pocket money we recommend is a minimum to pay for your meals, drinks, optional excursions, entry fees, local airport taxes and tips. Clearly, the amount that you spend dep
  • Luggage and clothing India
    Appropriate clothing is valued very highly in India; long trousers and a shirt for men, covered shoulders and a skirt that at the very least covers the knees for women. Clothe
  • Electricity India
    India has 220 volt, 50 Hertz current. However, power cuts occur regularly, so keep a penlight near in case electricity fails. An adaptor will be necessary for British plugs.
  • Safety India
    In many ways, India is a safe country. Mugging and other forms of physical violence against tourists occur only sporadically. Theft from tourists is also less frequent than in
  • Health India
    Southern Asia is a region where more diseases are rife then in Europe. The situation is comparable to that in our parts before the Second World War. All dangerous diseases tha
  • Other info India
    A visa is required for European passport holders to travel to India. Shoestring does not provide this service, so please contact the Indian embassy in your country about the d
  • Information for people at home India
    Ensure that those at home know in which country you travelling and how long you are planning to stay away. You may fix a date when you will contact them again. Making telephon
  • Photographs India
    It is better to have the prints made at home. Not all types of camera batteries are easy to find, so make sure you bring batteries that will last the entire trip. What applies
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