Festivals Indonesia

Indonesian festivals include: 1 January (New Year’s Day), 21 April (Kartini Day, roughly Mothers’ Day), 17 August (Independence Day), 1 October (Hari Pancasilia, a reminder of the five principles of Pancasilia: the belief in one god, Indonesian unity, a sense of community with your fellow man, democracy and social equality for all Indonesians), and 25 December (Christmas Day). Besides these celebrations, there are several festivals which have varying dates in our calendar, such as the Chinese New Year, Balinese Saka (the Balinese New Year) and Waisak Day (commemorates the birth and death of the Buddha and is celebrated in the regions of Yogyakarta and the Borobodur).

Islamic Festivals: Because the Islamic calendar is based on moon position, the Islamic festivals have a different day each year in our Gregorian calendar. The Festival of Sacrifice begins on 16 November December (in 2010) and lasts 3 days. Ramadan (the month of fasting) can cause inconvenience for visitors, as many restaurants are closed for this month and eating, drinking and smoking in public are not appreciated. However, people will accommodate and cook for non-Muslims. Naturally, you should eat this food discreetly and not right in front of fasting Muslims. In 2010, Ramadan begins on 11 August and ends on 9 September. Eid ul-Fitr, the breakfast festival held to mark the end of Ramadan, begins on the 10 September.

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