Communication Iran

If you send mail from Iran to the UK the mail arrives after one to two weeks. The best option is to send the mail from one of the major cities.

Mobile calling in Iran

Iran has access to a mobile network. In urban areas it is possible to call with a mobile phone but outside the cities there is little or no coverage. Enquire before departure if your provider has a roaming agreement with an Iranian mobile phone company. The international country code for the UK is 0044 and for Iran it is 0098. The area code for Teheran is 21. It is advantageous to buy a SIM-card with prepaid credit on the spot if you have a simlock free phone. Major Iranian mobile phone companies are MCI, RighTel and MTN Irancell.

Internet in Iran

You find internet cafes or locally called cafénet in most cities. You find free Wi-Fi at the airport of Teheran, in some restaurants and in most hotels. For more information download the app ‘Free WiFi finder’ or take a look at:

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