Safety Jordan

In general, Jordan is safe for tourists. Most of the locals are hospitable and friendly. Although theft is not a big problem, it is always sensible to take precautions. Do not show wads of money on the streets. It is useful to have two money belts, one containing money necessary for that particular day, and the other with the rest of your money, to wear under your clothes. However, you will not feel that you must watch your valuables like a hawk. Begging is not commonplace, although sometimes children may ask for sweets or small items like biros.

Women: Travelling through Jordan will pose no cultural problems for women. However, it is advisable to wear ‘discreet’ clothing. In villages, it is not appropriate to go unaccompanied (by a man) to places such as tea houses or other areas where there are only men. Direct eye contact is often seen as an ‘invitation’. In general, the more self confidence you radiate, the less trouble you will have.

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