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Kenya tours

Has a safari in Kenya always been a big wish? Take one of Shoestrings Kenya tours and discover the beauty of East Africa and the colourful inhabitants of this country. If you are going to travel through Kenya, you almost certainly know that you will come face to face with wild animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes and hippos. All this takes place against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes you will ever see. The characteristics of a fascinating population will make your holiday in Kenya all in all, a roaring success!

Nakuru National Park is one of the many places where you can safari in Kenya. Here you can spot rhino, many flamingos and other exotic birds. Would you like to explore the nature on foot or by bike during your trip? Then go to the Hell's Gate National Park. This park is located along the steep wall of a gorge, which is home to the largest vulture in the country. Many zebras and gazelles can also be found here. Then there is the beautiful wildlife sanctuary of the Masai Mara: Lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino, and antelope, they all live here! The surrounds of Mount Kenya are incredibly beautiful to walk through, while at Lake Baringo you might spot a crocodile.

If you are going to travel through Kenya, you will not only notice that the nature and the animals are so incredibly diverse, but also that the same applies to the various groups of local people that you encounter while travelling. The colourfully dressed Masai and their exuberant dance will leave a lasting image in your mind. On the other hand, the Samburu will have surely impressed you with their beautiful spears. Select from our Kenya tours for a trip you will never forget!


Country info Kenya

  • Background information
  • Religion Kenya
    Outside the coastal and eastern provinces, most Kenyans are Christian. Muslims make up about 30% of the population and live mainly in the east of the country. In the more remo
  • Language Kenya
    In Kenya, Swahili (or Kiswahili as the population calls it) and English languages are those ​​in which lessons are given, but there are also various tribal languages ​​such as
  • Festivals Kenya
    In Kenya, both the Christian holidays celebrated at Easter and Christmas, as is Ramadan (July 20 - August 19 2012), the Muslim Eid (August 19 2012) and the Feast of
  • Food and drinks Kenya
    Food The cuisine of mainland Kenya is not meant for culinary connoisseurs. The traditional ingredients are meat and chicken, tomato, carrot and onion, salt and pepper. T
  • Tipping Kenya
    Workers in restaurants and hotels earn little. You can help matters a bit by ensuring that those who work for you get a good tip. The directive is (at least if satisfactory se
  • Weather and climate Kenya
    Kenya lies along the equator. The climate is not classified into summer or winter, but is classified into four other seasons. April and May form the rainy seaso
  • Population Kenya
    Kenya is a republic with almost 37 million inhabitants. More than 50 different tribes exist there, many of whom have retained their own identity while others are largely
  • Landscape Kenya
    Kenya is a democratic country, assembled from a mosaic of tribal areas at the end of the 19th century by the British. It covers a total area of ​​582,750 km ² (14 times t
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Kenya
    Take the first day in Kenya slowly. Take time to acclimatize. The transition of climate and culture can be profound. Let the country quietly make its' impression on you. Relax and have fun in Kenya!
  • Time differences Kenya
    In Kenya, it is 2 hours (in summer time 1 hour) later than in Central European time CET. You should check here to compare times.
  • Money Kenya
    The currency in Kenya is the Kenyan shilling (Ksh or KES) which is in turn divided into 100 cents. There are notes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 shillings in circulation. Th
  • Luggage and clothing Kenya
    This journey around the equator is for the most part near mountains and highlands where a temperate climate with some cold nights is likely. We recommend you to tak
  • Communication Kenya
    Post The Postal system is best used in Nairobi or Mombasa. Anywhere else where take much longer than the standard 10 days. E-mail Email is becoming more and more widely ava
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