Madagascar tours

If you are going to pick from our Madagascar tours, then you will be taking a trip to one of the biggest islands in the world. Madagascar is often described as a mix of Africa's intense colours with the mysteries of Asia. During your tour of Madagascar you will thoroughly enjoy the beautiful and extraordinary flora and fauna on the island. This island has a fascinating world of chameleons, baobabs, lemurs and orchids. Madagascar is over 1,500 kilometers long and nearly 600 kilometers wide. Travel on a Shoestring group tour and experience the different landscapes of Madagascar.
Nature lovers travelling to Madagascar will be undertaking the trip of a lifetime. On this island different plant and animal species exist which can be found nowhere else. The indri, an ape with big eyes and the Madagascar gecko can only be found here. Travel in Madagascar is an absolutely unique experience!
As well as the special wildlife, the varied landscape of Madagascar will also make a great impression on you. The island interior is filled with magnificent plateaus with red rock formations, tropical rainforests and channel systems. If you travel through Madagascar then you will witness all this natural beauty.
In the Ranomafana National Park you’ll head into the jungle with your group to seek lemurs such as the unique golden bamboo lemur and dancing sifaka's. A climb across the plateau in Isalo National Park brings you to the natural pools, where you can take a refreshing dip. Your Madagascar travels will take you from one highlight to another!

And let’s not forget, it is the hospitable and friendly people that will make you feel at home on this beautiful island during Madagascar tours! Enjoy!

Country info Madagascar

  • Background information
  • Culture Madagascar
    Culture The cultural differences between Europeans and the people of Madagascar are so big that you could devote a whole book to them. Even within the different regions, you
  • Religion Madagascar
    In Madagascar, 52% of people follow animist beliefs; about 41% Christian and the remainder are Muslim.
  • Language Madagascar
    English is not that widely spoken. Malagasy (which is related to Indonesian) and French are the official languages here. Local dialects are also common.
  • Festivals Madagascar
    Besides new year and Christian holidays such as Good Friday, Easter, Ascension, Whitsun and Christmas, Madagascar has several national holidays: Day of Uprising (29 March), La
  • Food and drinks Madagascar
    In Madagascar, you can eat well. Many places have an extensive menu and the better places serve Western, Chinese and local dishes. Western meals are often of French footing. T
  • Tipping Madagascar
    In Europe, tipping in most cases is seen as a token of appreciation, a perk of thanks for services rendered. In Madagascar, it accounts for more than a perk: the tip is for pe
  • Weather and climate Madagascar
    Climate: Madagascar has a tropical climate that is largely determined by the southeast trade winds. In general it can be said that the summer lasts from November to March and
  • Population Madagascar
    Madagascar has over 15 ½ million inhabitants. The population density is about 26 inhabitants per km ². To the west it is just 2 inhabitants per km ² . The ave
  • Landscape Madagascar
    Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, located southeast of the African continent. The area covers 587,041 km ² and Madagascar is thus about as large as Fr
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Madagascar
    Spend the first day in Madagascar quietly adjusting. Take time to acclimatise. The change of climate, culture and food can be quite profound. Let it slowly take its course ... welcome to Madagascar!
  • Time differences Madagascar
    Standard time zone:UTC/GMT +3 hours No daylight saving time in 2013
  • Luggage and clothing Madagascar
    Proper dress is appreciated when you are invited by people into religious buildings. Otherwise shorts and T-shirts/tops can easily be worn. Summer clothing for daytime, plus s
  • Communication Madagascar
    Telephone:  Country code: 261. For cheap calls its best to buy a telephone card and use a public telephone booth. Cards can be purchased at post offices and most hotels.
  • Information for people at home Madagascar
    Sorry, this information is not available at this moment. Please check back later.
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