Weather and climate Madagascar

Madagascar has a tropical climate that is largely determined by the southeast trade winds. In general it can be said that the summer lasts from November to March and that it is very hot and it can rain a lot. The winter season lasts from April until October and then it is dryer with somewhat lower temperatures. In the dry season, a steady east wind blows. The southwest of the country has a very dry climate and there is very little rain. The months of November and December are the "wet months" but even then it rains very little. The day and night temperatures vary more as you move south. In the Central Plateau, temperature and rainfall are influenced by the altitude. Thus the day and night temperatures in the capital Antananarivo can differ by as much as 14 ° C. On the plateau the temperature rarely rises above 23 ° C. In the northeast and central regions there is no real dry period. The southeast has drier, more stable weather. In February and March, the heavy rain and the risk of cyclones is greatest. Relatively drier months are May, September, October and November.

Best time:
The best time to visit is from April to October, although the rainy season seems to happen later. November is often a good travel month also.