Myanmar tours

Myanmar tours consist of many cultural highlights and wonderful moments surrounded by beautiful nature. Fairytale cities, many golden pagodas and royal cities are all 'musts' if you are going to travel in Myanmar! A truly fascinating country with a turbulent past. Myanmar, formerly Burma, is mainly devoted to Buddhism. In addition, the country has an impressive and varied landscape.

Myanmar has for years been closed to the outside world and while travelling through Myanmar will you notice that there is hardly any Western influence in this country. Travelling to Myanmar is to visit the traditional Asia. Bagan is perhaps one of the most impressive places in the country, an area of ​​dozens of square kilometers full of temples, pagodas and palaces. A stunning sight and one not to be missed during your travels in Myanmar!

Another impressive place to visit with your group is the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Gold leaf is continually applied to this pagoda by the thousands of pilgrims. The golden rock pagoda, which is seen frightfully teetering on a rocky outcrop, is well-worth a visit during your holiday in Myanmar. It seems like this unusual stupa can topple off the mountain at any given moment! ... During the tours through Myanmar the many temples and Buddhist elements are not the only thing you will enjoy. The country has so much more to offer! Travelling to Myanmar is also a delight for nature lovers. The country offers a beautiful backdrop for memorable walks through forests and hilly landscapes, where you pass colourful villages and are warmly welcomed by the friendly locals. A boat trip on Inle Lake is a special highlight. You'll travel through creeks, under bridges, past villages built on poles, floating fields and water hyacinths... awesome!

If you decide to travel to Myanmar you will not only get to know the impressive culture of the country but also the beautiful nature. Even though the government in Myanmar does not have the best reputation for the (breach of ) human rights and it is not always encouraged to travel, the Myanmar people themselves are happy with the arrival of tourists. Choose one of Shoestrings Myanmar tours and let the lovely people welcome you to their incredible country!

Country info Myanmar

  • Background information
  • Religion Myanmar
    If you are travelling to Myanmar you will naturally come into contact with Buddhism. Everywhere you see the monks, nuns and pagodas. Approximately 85% of the population are fo
  • Festivals Myanmar
    Burma is a land of festivals. Almost every day there is a festival somewhere (pwe). There are festivals with a Buddhist background, festivals devoted to nats (spirits), festiv
  • Food and drinks Myanmar
    Burma has no culinary quality cuisine such as that of China, Thailand and India. It's more a peoples' kitchen. However, in the Burmese kitchen things are taken from other cuis
  • Tipping Myanmar
    Tips are very common in Asia, but not generally in Myanmar. For waiters, luggage porters, maids, bus drivers, taxi drivers and tour guide gratuities are a nice addition to the
  • Weather and climate Myanmar
    Most of Myanmar has a tropical climate which is determined by the southwest monsoon. The months of February to April, especially in the lowlands, are hot and dry. During this
  • Population Myanmar
    The population is estimated around 50 million inhabitants. The majority of the population live from agriculture and 70% live in rural areas. The capital Yangon has about four
  • Landscape Myanmar
    Burma, since 1989 officially called Myanmar, is the largest country in Southeast Asia, with an area of 668,000 km ² (16 times the size of the Netherlands for example). Se
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Myanmar
    visa: To enter Myanmar you need to have a touirsit visa. You are best arranging this in advance of travel, either through your nearest Myanmar embassy or through a specialist
  • Time differences Myanmar
    The local time in Myanmar is GMT + 6 hrs 30 mins, with no daylght saving. To check current times please check a site such as timeanddate .
  • Money Myanmar
    The national currency in Myanmar (MMK) is the Kyat, divided into 100 pyas. There are notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kyat. Coins are actually worthless and a
  • Luggage and clothing Myanmar
    Myanmar is a tropical country. Therefore, take thin clothes. For evening, a high-necked T-shirt with long sleeves or a thin cotton sweater is handy as protection against mosqu
  • Communication Myanmar
    Posting mail from Myanmar to Europe takes about a week (if sent from Yangon). Sending mail from smaller towns takes longer and is not always reliable. In principle, all incomi
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