Food and drinks Panama

Food: Panama has an international cuisine. There are Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Arab and Indian restaurants. The food in Indian restaurants is tough and sometimes really hot, especially when you have their "picante de la casa 'order. Panama is a bean country less than the other Central American countries. Instead of beans, you see more of the Caribbean plantains. Many dishes are seasoned with coriander (cilantro) or the related, but stronger culantro. The most common meat in the meal is chicken. In Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean Sea, they really eat Caribbean style, so in almost every dish they have processed coconut. A number of delicious dishes and drinks are: ceviche, raw fish in spicy lemon sauce, arroz con pollo, with rice mixed with chopped vegetables, arroz con piña, a drink consisting of rice and pineapple, chicheme, a drink of grain that tastes like porridge , patacones: fried bananas, tortillas, cereal, hojaldra: baked rolls.

Drinking: Tap water is not suitable for consumption in Panama. Mineral water is available everywhere. There are about five Panamanian beers (Balbao, Atlas, Calafate, Gold Top, Panamá). The quality of the imported beer is better. Of indigenous beers Balbao is the best. Where the spirits are concerned, there is the self-produced rum Carta Vieja. The national liquor is Seco, a crisp white rum. In the countryside Seco con leche (with milk seco) is widely consumed. Fresh fruit juices are available everywhere.

Fruit: The availability of seasonal fruit: oranges, bananas and pineapples are the most popular fruits, but there are also more exotic fruits. To name a few: Chirimoy, carambola, granadilla (a kind of pomegranate), guava, guayaba, cas (a passion fruit) and papaya. The Jugos naturales or juices made ​​here are wonderful.

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