Luggage and clothing Russia

Baltic States + Russia: The luggage and clothing suggestions are dependent on the period you visit Russia and the Baltic States. In the summer it is important to bring an umbrella, a jacket and/or a sweater is also a good idea even though you may not need it. Namely St. Petersburg has changeable weather. In the winter it is important to pack warm and windproof clothing in your luggage including gloves, a scarf and a headgear. It is wise to wear several layers of clothing which naturally protects you against the cold but it is also convenient because the room temperature in Russia in the winter is around 25 to 30 Celsius degrees. Due to the potential for snow, warm and high shoes or boots are practical. If you are planning to visit a theater or concert or go out for dinner it is appropriate to dress well. When you visit a church, shorts, a short skirt or a sleeveless T-shirt is not allowed.

We advise you to pack the following things in your luggage: good and comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, a sunscreen product, swimwear, a hat, long pants, a sweater with long sleeves, toiletries, a travel pharmacy, photographic material, spare batteries, an alarm clock, writing utilities, books, a valid passport with a Russia visa, copies of your passport and travel insurance, flight tickets, a pass of your travel insurance with the alarm number on it, an agenda with important addresses and a travel guide. Besides these things a small backpack or a shoulder bag is handy for your daily hand luggage. It is advisable to buy a thin money belt for your valuable documents which you can wear under your clothes. Make sure your luggage is not too heavy; a normal weight is around 12 kilos.