Money The Netherlands

Holland is one of the seventeen euro countries. All euro coins and notes are legal tender in all euro countries, even though all of these countries issue their own distinct euro coins. There are eight coins (€ 0.01, € 0.02, € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.50, € 1 and € 2) and seven notes (€ 5, € 10, € 20, € 50, € 100, € 200 and € 500). Note that very few shops, restaurants and places accept the € 500 and € 200 note. When paying in cash, the total amount is rounded off to the nearest € 0.05.

Generally, exchange offices on the airport, rail stations and main tourist streets do not offer a good rate. In most cases you will get the best exchange rates by using ATMs instead of changing cash.
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