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Indonesia: the Sunda Islands

Seafood and sandalwood, dragons and tie-dies!

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GROUP SIZE: 6-18 | 20 DAYS

Excursions Intro

Below is a list of locally offered excursions. The prices are based on the participation of at least 7 participants, and based on a price in Indonesian rupiahs (due to exchange rates the price can sometimes change). Timings are subject to change. Entrance fees are exclusive (unless explicitly stated).

€ 25.-

Bajawa - Ngada villages

First we drive to the Wolobobo volcano. From here you have a beautiful view of the surroundings, the Inerie volcano and Ebulobo volcano. You make a short walk over an old crater rim. You then drive through coffee plantations and travel to traditional villages at the foot of the Inerie volcano. We visit Luba and we walk to Bena. In every village you can see the traditional houses, the ngadu and bhaga. The guide can tell you a lot about life and traditions of the inhabitants in Ngada

Tour Duration: approximately 7 hours (subject to change and in consultation with the tour leader).

Included: transportation, entrance fees, English speaking guide, lunch
Excluded: tips, drinks
€ 6.-

Bajawa - Soa Hot Springs

Within approximately 40 minutes of Bajawa you find the hot springs of Soa. A cold water river and a hot spring come together and it's very pleasant to take a dip in the river. The local people are fully clothed as they bathe and wash here thoroughly with soap and shampoo. We recommend wearing a shirt over your swimsuit.

Tour Duration: 3 hours (subject to change and in consultation with the tour leader).

Included: transportation, entrance fees
Not included: tips, drinks
€ 17.-

Gili Islands - Snorkel Trip

You go with the boat to an area where there is a good chance of seeing sea turtles. After this adventure, the boat takes you to a place where the snorkelling is good. You snorkel above a coral garden with many species of colourful fish. After snorkelling you will be brought back to the hotel by boat.

Excursion schedule:
09.30: Departure from hotel by boat
10:30 am: Snorkelling
14:00: Back at the hotel

Included: boat trip, snorkelling equipment
Not included: gratuity

€ 6.-

Komodo - Island trek

During the walk about Komodo you go under the direction and protection of rangers in search of Komodo dragons in the wild. You walk over hills and through a dry riverbed, to the trees and various species of orchids. It is a special experience when you are face to face with a 2.5 meters long lizard afterwards. Besides dragons you can often see deer, wild pigs, cockatoos and many other birds. The trip takes about two to three hours to complete. Important: Listen carefully to the instructions of the local armed guide and stay together as a group.

7:00 am: Departure to mainland
7:20 am: Starting point
09:30 am: Back to the boat

Included: walk with ranger (s)
Not included: tips, entrance fee

€ 19.-

Labuan Bajo - Massage

Ayo Mandiri Foundation helps people with disabilities to build a fulfilling life by being able to work as a masseur. They improve their social status and independence and thus all aspects of life. Disabled people are trained by the Ayo Mandiri Foundation by certified and experienced massage therapists. Besides the fact that you get a good massage by an experienced certified therapist, you also help with the survival of the massage center.

Included: transportation, massage, shower, tea.
Excluded: tips

*Please note: closed on Sundays
€ 6.-

Rinca - Island trek

Together with rangers you take a walk around the island Rinca. You go looking for the 2.5 meter long Komodo dragon. Deer, buffalo, wild pigs, monkeys, horses and several bird species' also live on this island. It's a beautiful walk, partly through a dry river bed, and partly on the hills with stunning views over the savannah of Rinca, the sea and many islands of the Komodo National Park. The trip takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete. Important: Listen carefully to the instructions of the local armed guide and stay together as a group.

7:00 am: Departure to mainland
7:10 am: Starting point
9:30 am: Back to the boat

Included: walk with ranger (s)
Not included: tips, entrance fee

€ 41.-

Sanur - Temples and Barong dance performance

The day starts with a Barong dance performance in Denpasar. Then visit the Pura Taman Ayun temple in Mengwi and then the famous Tanah Lot temple located in the sea, where we will have lunch in the vacinity. In the early afternoon you'll be back at your hotel.

Excursion schedule:
8:30 am: Depart from hotel
10:00 am: Barong dance in Denpasar
11:30 am: Pura Taman Ayun Temple Visit
14:00 hrs: Visit Tanah Lot temple
14:00 hrs: Lunch
16:30 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: barong dance, English speaking guide, entrance fees, lunch, transportation
Not included: drinks, tips

€ 16.-

Tetebatu - Village tour

You drive to the weaving village of Pringasela. A local guide then takes you to the weavers and offers his explanation. You have plenty of time to see the village and the whole process of weaving. Next you drive to the pottery village of Masbagik where you can see the whole process of making the clay pots.

Tour schedule: (subject to change and in consultation with the tour guide):
14.00: Depart to the weaving village of Pringasela
14.30: Walk through the village and watch the weaving
15.15: Departure to Masbagik.
15.30: Visit the pottery village of Masbagik
16.15: Depart for hotel
16.45: Arrival at the hotel

Included: English speaking guide
Not included: drinks, tip
€ 14.-

Tetebatu - Walking tour

This excursion involves a walk of about 3 hours with a guide. The walk takes you along the sawa dykes of Tetebatu. The last part of the route leads through a forest on the slopes of the Rinjani volcano where you have a good chance of spotting black monkeys high in the trees.
Afterwards you can choose to be driven back by public transport or walk through the rice fields, back to the hotel in approximately 1 ½ hours.

Tour schedule: (subject to change and in consultation with the tour guide):
07.00: Depart from hotel and start walking
10.00: The possibility to return by public transport to the hotel in about 15-20 minutes.
12.00 Arrival at hotel for those walking.

Included: English speaking guide, entrance fee
Not included: Drinks, tips, ride by public transport
€ 19.-

Ubud - Dinner with local family

Before having dinner you get a tour of the house and the surrounds. You see that more than one family is living here, each with its own sleeping quarters. Several buildings are built according to religious guidelines. Thus, the direction is determined by the location of Gunung Agung, the Hindu Balinese 'Holy Mountain'. In the yard is a shrine from where offerings are made to the gods. Your host can tell you more about this. Balinese dinner can be combined with a visit to a small shrine carved into the rock, dating back to the 11th century. During this excursion you will learn a lot about the Balinese culture.

For dinner, it is useful to adopt the Balinese style, sitting on the floor. You can choose to eat with your hands, like the Balinese. Your meal is freshly prepared in the kitchen and usually consists of soup, vegetables, beans and chicken. 'Selamat makan! "

The price mentioned is based on a minimum of 4 participants.

Included: dinner, visiting temple Candi Tebing, transport
Excluded: drinks

€ 17.-

Ubud cycling

In the morning you get on your bike and you'll ride from the hotel to a Balinese family to see how people there live. We walk through the rice fields a little, and with luck we can see how the rice is planted or harvested. Then we cycle to the small village and drive through the beautiful rice fields near Ubud back to the hotel where you arrive in the afternoon. You're on the road about three hours. Please note that there are a few steep climbs in this tour.

Excursion schedule:
9:00 am: Depart from hotel
12:00 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: bicycle, English speaking guide
Not included: gratuity

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