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Indonesia: Sumatra, Java and Bali

Unique natural, cultural and historical secrets!

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Excursions Intro

Below is a list of locally offered excursions. The prices are based on the participation of at least 7 participants, and based on a price in Indonesian rupiahs (due to exchange rates the price can sometimes change). Timings are subject to change. Entrance fees are exclusive (unless explicitly stated).

€ 18.-

Bromo - Sunrise Bromo volcano

Early in the morning you'll drive in jeeps to a viewpoint, where you have a beautiful sight of the sunrise over the Bromo volcano and surrounding sea and sand. Then you drive the jeep into the crater, through sea and sand to Bromo. You can go to the craters' rim of Mount Bromo and see the yellow sulphur vapours rising from the center. The jeeps returns through the sea and sand to your hotel.

Excursion schedule:
04:00 am: Depart from hotel
8:00 am: Back at the hotel

Note: If the Bromo is still active the excursion may differ depending on the circumstances. Your tour guide will tell you what the alternative is.

Included: Transport by jeep
Not included: Entrance fee, gratuity

€ 32.-

Bukit Lawang - Orangutans and Jungle Walk

You start with a walk led by an English speaking guide for 2 to 3 hours through the dense jungle. You can encounter orangutans and other ape species. The walk ends at the feeding site of the orangutans. Then you visit the World Wildlife Fund managed Orangutan Observation Center. They have orangutans that were raised in captivity and bring them back to the jungle life, before being fully released into the wild. With a small boat you cross the river and walk back to your hotel.

Excursion schedule:
7:30 am: Depart from hotel
10:30 am: Back at the hotel

Included: English speaking guide, entrance fees, boat trip
Not included: gratuity

€ 16.-

Bukittinggi - Karbouwengat trek

In the morning walk from the hotel to the Panorama Hotel in Bukittinggi, with stunning views over the Singgalang volcano. Here you'll descend into the gorge, also known as Karbouwengat. You cross the river with a bridge and along the gorge to Kota Gadang (silver village). Sometimes you see monkeys and always buffaloes. Along with the traditional Minangkabau houses you will see the old colonial houses. After a cup of coffee at the warung (small family run cafe) walk along the rice fields to the other part of the gorge through bamboo forest to the village Lambah, where you get a local bus that takes you to your hotel.
The tour takes about 3 hours.

Excursion schedule:
9:00 am: Depart from hotel
12:00 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: English speaking guide, entrance fees, transportation
Not included: gratuity

€ 34.-

Lake Toba - Batak tour

From the hotel you sail in a boat on Lake Toba to Simanindo. The house of the former Batak king (now a museum) and some ornate Batak houses form the backdrop of a dance performance that you will see here. On the way back the boat stops at Ambarita, where the place of execution and other articles from ancient times are on display.

Excursion schedule:
8:00 am: Depart from hotel
13:00 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: transport by boat, English speaking guide, dance performance, lunch
Not included: entrance fee, tips, drinks

€ 67.-

Sanur - Nusa Lembongan

Travel approximately 30 minutes by boat to the island of Nusa Lembongan. A glass bottom boat takes you to a beautiful reef. You can snorkel from the boat, or choose to go through the glass bottom to view the tropical fish and the reef. Lunch is served at the beachfront. After time for the beach and pool you go by car to explore the island. A pickup truck takes you to a mangrove forest where you continue through the mangroves by canoe. A lovely relaxing trip, with the opportunity to watch birds in the trees that stand with their roots in water.

Excursion schedule (subject to change and in consultation with the tour leader):
09:00 am: Depart from hotel
17:00 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: English speaking guide, rental snorkelling equipment, mangrove tour, transportation, lunch, mineral water
Excluded: other drinks, tip
€ 41.-

Sanur - Temples and Barong dance performance

The day starts with a Barong dance performance in Denpasar. Then visit the Pura Taman Ayun temple in Mengwi and then the famous Tanah Lot temple located in the sea, where we will have lunch in the vacinity. In the early afternoon you'll be back at your hotel.

Excursion schedule:
8:30 pm: Depart from hotel
10:00 am: Barong dance in Denpasar
11:30 am: Pura Taman Ayun Temple Visit
14:00 hrs: Visit Tanah Lot temple
14:00 hrs: Lunch
16:30 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: barong dance, English speaking guide, entrance fees, lunch, transportation
Not included: drinks, tips

€ 19.-

Ubud - Dinner with local family

Before having dinner you get a tour of the house and the surrounds. You see that more than one family is living here, each with its own sleeping quarters. Several buildings are built according to religious guidelines. Thus, the direction is determined by the location of Gunung Agung, the Hindu Balinese 'Holy Mountain'. In the yard is a shrine from where offerings are made to the gods. Your host can tell you more about this. Balinese dinner can be combined with a visit to a small shrine carved into the rock, dating back to the 11th century. During this excursion you will learn a lot about the Balinese culture.

For dinner, it is useful to adopt the Balinese style, sitting on the floor. You can choose to eat with your hands, like the Balinese. Your meal is freshly prepared in the kitchen and usually consists of soup, vegetables, beans and chicken. 'Selamat makan! "

The price mentioned is based on a minimum of 7 participants.

Included: dinner, visiting temple Candi Tebing, transport
Excluded: drinks

€ 17.-

Ubud cycling

In the morning you get on your bike and you'll ride from the hotel to a Balinese family to see how people there live. We walk through the rice fields a little, and with luck we can see how the rice is planted or harvested. Then we cycle to the small village and drive through the beautiful rice fields near Ubud back to the hotel where you arrive in the afternoon. You're on the road about three hours. Please note that there are a few steep climbs in this tour.

Excursion schedule:
9:00 am: Depart from hotel
12:00 pm: Back at the hotel

Included: bicycle, English speaking guide
Not included: gratuity
€ 50.-

Yogyakarta - Borobudur

Early in the morning in around one hour you travel to one of the largest Buddhist shrines in the world, Borobudur. This pilgrimage site, from the 9th century AD consists of several terraces, decorated with 2,672 different relief panels and over 500 stupas and displays the path to nirvana. A local guide can tell you all about this magnificent edifice, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. After seeing this incredible wonder of the world you are returned to your hotel.

Excursion schedule):
6:00 am: Depart from hotel
11:30 am: Back at the hotel

Included: transportation, English speaking guide, entrance fee
Not included: gratuity

€ 16.-

Yogyakarta - Fun evening out with the locals

A night out with the local youth! You start with a walk from Jalan Prawirotaman to the town square Alun Alun. Here a local guide will tell you about the history of the square and then you sit among the local people where you can try new snacks from local shops. You make a trip around the square on a colourful becak and can join in with the game Mesangin. This evening you will have lots of fun and insight into the local culture.

Excursion schedule (subject to change):
18:00 pm: Hike to the square Alun Alun
18:20 pm: Games, food and drink
20.00: Walk back to Jalan Prawirotaman

Includes: Non-alcoholic beverage, round in a becak, games on the square
Excluded: tips, other drinks

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