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Mountain lakes, eagles and nomads - Trip for singles

Book From   € 999,-
GROUP SIZE: 6-22 | 15 DAYS


During your trip, it is possible to participate in 'single' excursions offered locally by the tour leader. These excursions are optional. To allow you to plan a budget for your trip we have provided you with an idea of the cost of these excursions. The price can change due to currency fluctuations. The amounts are therefore only meant to give you an indication of the cost. Entrance fees will often change and therefore are excluded from the prices displayed (unless explicitly stated). We display the prices in Euros/GB Pounds/US Dollars. When you are in your destination, it is possible to pay for the excursions in local currency.

Single excursions

Below is a list of locally offered excursions. The prices are based on the participation of a minimum of 6 participants. Entrance fees are exclusive (unless explicitly stated).
€ 15

Karakol - Karakol National Park

Just outside of Karakol there is a large park. It is the approach route for a famous hike from Karakol (to the Ala-Kul lake). A walk in this area gives you views of the high peaks of the Terskey Ala Too mountain range. These mountains always have snow, even in summer. The park is around 2500 meters in altitude. You can walk along the river-side trails. It is up to you, how high you go.

Included: Transport
Not included: Tips
€ 15

Bishkek - Ala Archa National Park

Go and spend the day at the park! Ala Archa is beautifully situated 40 km outside Bishkek and is a hikers paradise. You can choose to walk to the waterfall, or even further. If you wish to remain closer, a simple hill walk is also possible. Either way, you'll have a wonderful day! The highest mountain in the park is almost 5,000 meters high.

Included: Transport
Not included: Tips
€ 6

Bokonbaevo - Visit a falconer

In and around Bokonbaevo are many falconers, the most famous falconers in the country. Every year there is a championship and the best falconer always comes from Bokonbaevo. The falconer is proud of his eagles and likes to put on a show.

Included: Transport
Not included: Tips
€ 30

Karakol - Altyn Arashan Valley

A jeep ride takes you up to the Altyn Arashan Valley at 3000 meters. From here you have a view of the surrounding mountains and in the winter people come to go skiing. You can go walking or if you bring your swimwear and a towel, you can sit in one of the many hot springs in the valley!

Renting a jeep is around € 75 per vehicle (subject to change). Up to three passengers can travel in one Russian jeep. The price of this excursion fluctuates and depends on the number of participants. The price per person for one person is € 75, with 2 persons € 37.50 per person and with three persons it is € 25 per person.

Included: Transport
Not included: Tips
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