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Malaysia & Singapore

A trip full of contrasts - Trip for singles

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Malaysia & Singapore

Here you can find the day-to-day description for Malaysia & Singapore


There's plenty to do in this beautiful region. Select below or on the map opposite, the highlight you want to read more information about. Read through carefully and then go directly to the tour description.
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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur you'll find the famous Petronas Towers and huge shopping malls. In Chinatown you can find lots of delicious food and bargains. |Malaysia

Kuala Selangor

Taman Negara

Taman Negara

In Taman Negara National Park you'll discover the jungle of Malaysia and the genuine inhabitants of the area. Go hiking in this beautiful national park. |Malaysia

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

The pleasant, cool climate and the mountains make the Cameron Highlands a perfect place for tea plantations. Lots of flowers are also grown here. |Malaysia



The island Penang bears the nickname of 'Pearl of the Orient'. The capital, Georgetown, made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008.| Malaysia

Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is a genuine Malaysian city. Still very pure and without any influences by other population groups. |Malaysia

Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

The water of the ‘ Perhentians’ is so clear that you can spot fish standing on the beach. Snorkelling and diving lovers will have a great time. |Malaysia



Between April and mid- September you can spot special sea turtles in Kuantan. |Malaysia



In Melaka, you'll see many witnesses of the colourful past of the Dutch, Portuguese and English colonists. Melaka is easily discovered on foot. |Malaysia


Day to Day description

Transport Route Overnight stay
1 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur
2 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur
3 Bus Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Selangor (optional fireflies) Kuala Selangor
4 Boat, Bus Kuala Selangor - Taman Negara Taman Negara
5 Taman Negara Taman Negara
6 Bus Taman Negara - Cameron Highlands Cameron Highlands
7 Cameron Highlands Cameron Highlands
8 Bus Cameron Highlands - Ipoh - Orangutan Island - Penang Penang
9 Penang Penang
10 Bus Penang - Kota Bahru Kota Bahru
11 Boat, Bus Kota Bahru - Pulau Perhentian Pulau Perhentian
12 Pulau Perhentian Pulau Perhentian
13 Pulau Perhentian Pulau Perhentian
14 Boat, Bus Pulau Perhentian - Kuantan-Besarah Kuantan-Besarah
15 Kuantan-Besarah Kuantan-Besarah
16 Bus Kuantan-Besarah - Melaka Melaka
17 Melaka Melaka
18 Bus Melaka - Johor Bahru - Singapore Singapore
19 Singapore Singapore
20 Singapore Singapore
21 Singapore End of tour


Day 1: Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to Malaysia!

Your tour starts in Kuala Lumpur, where you can use your hotel room from check in time (12.00 hrs/ noon). Your travel companions will also arrive this first day, the exact time will be depending on their flight schedule. You will meet your tour leader in the lobby of your hotel at 12.00 hrs noon.

A capital city full of delightful contrasts, from chaotic Chinatown, serene Hindu temples, luxury shopping centres and one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Petronas Towers. Enjoy delicious snacks from the many markets or dine in swanky restaurants and experience Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant nightlife. The Merdeka Square and Sultan Abdul Samad building which has 140-foot tall clock towers, sit within the colonial region; both stops on the optional guided city tour. The stunning Jamek Mosque and the artistically laid out Lake Gardens are also 'must sees'.

Day 2: Kuala Lumpur

Today you are free to look around Kuala Lumpur. There is plenty to see and do in the capital. You may like to visit Little India, just outside central KL. Here you will find Indian stores selling Indian goods including saris, flower garlands and Bollywood music. There are many restaurants to choose from too.

Why not explore the surrounds of the city. Near Kuala Lumpur you can visit the impressive Batu Caves, a holy place for Hindus. Every February, the Hindus gather here together to celebrate the Thaipusam festival. This is a religious festival where many people display their own masochistic rituals such as the piercing of tongue and cheek with sharp skewers and the hanging of weights with meat hooks to the body.

Day 3: Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Selangor (optional fireflies)

Leaving KL you take the short trip (about 1 hour) to Kuala Selangor, known for having the largest amount of fireflies in the world. The Kampung Bukit Belimbing Firefly Park Resort is located close to Kuala Selangor. Fireflies are small (wasp-like) beetles, which live in colonies along the side of the river. They do not bite nor sting and are totally harmless. Watching the fireflies is an enchanting spectacle.

There's nothing better on a balmy evening than floating in a boat along the banks of the river to witness this wondrous scene. This optional excursion is best done a few hours after the sun has gone down. When you see the glowing lights of the fireflies it seems like a fairy-tale unfolding.

Our Projects

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Day 4: Kuala Selangor - Taman Negara

You travel by bus to Kuala Tembeling. From this river village you will go by boat to the beautiful Taman Negara National Park.

How green can you go? TIP

Having evolved relatively undisturbed over the last 130 million years, Taman Negara is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, and a treasure not to be missed. Offering an array of waterscapes from still lakes to wild rapids, scenic waterfalls and rainforest rivers flowing down from the mountain forest. This rich and diverse landscape is home to an abundance of flora and fauna with over 14.000 species of plants and trees and many species of mammal, bird, reptile and fish.

Day 5: Taman Negara

In the morning you make a nice jungle walk (included in the price) to the lookout point on Bukit Teresek (Teresek Hill). If weather permits, you can enjoy beautiful views. Then you embark on a spectacular canopy walk (included in the price), which takes you over 9 high bridges through the tops of the forest giants. It is reportedly one of the longest canopy walks (over 500 meters) in the world. Naturally it is not recommended if you have a fear of heights; you are hanging 25 meters above the ground!

In the afternoon you have a choice of activities. You could take a further walk through the jungle. There are several longer and shorter walks, all clearly indicated. A boat trip to the rapids at Lata Berkoh is also a good option (as long as the water level allows this). You can also opt for a boat trip to the Gua Telinga cave, a damp ear-shaped cave. The ceilings are full of bats and if you are lucky you will see the Malaysian giant turtles, which can weigh in excess of 50 kg! Are you ready for a refreshing dive? that too is possible (again, water permitting) in the river.

How green can you go? TIP

In the evening of day 4 or 5, go on an exciting 'Night Safari' headed by a local guide (included in the price). Between the leaves rustle small insects like centipedes and other animals such as salamanders, monkeys, birds, deer and wild boar. You are more likely to see the smaller animals as the larger ones tend to stay away from the tourists! The guide takes you in tow and can tell you everything about the flora and fauna.

Day 6: Taman Negara - Cameron Highlands

How green can you go? TIP

You leave Taman Negara and journey to the Cameron Highlands by bus. The Cameron Highlands are a lush mountain range discovered in the 19th century by the British as they fled to escape the heat of the lowlands. The temperature in the area rarely rises above 24 degrees and at night it can be quite cool. Here you can taste the atmosphere of the British colonial past. The Old Smokehouse, in English tudor style, situated next to the golf course, is a fine example of this.

Day 7: Cameron Highlands

Today you have the day off. This area is home to many tea plantations and all year-round bloom colorful flowers, including many species of orchids. It is an excellent area in which to walk, with several trips available to waterfalls, mountains and beautiful scenery. You can book an optional trip to see Mount Brinchang, trek in the Mossy forest and visit a tea plantation.

What can I do?

Sustainable travel means taking into account the people, nature and culture so that travel remains possible in the future. The negative effects of tourism are increasingly palpable. 'So what can I do?', you may ask. Shoestring gives you 10 tips. Read More

Day 8: Cameron Highlands - Ipoh - Orangutan Island - Penang

We travel today along one of the longest bridges in Southeast Asia (13 km) until we arrive on the island of Penang, which is nicknamed "Pearl of the Orient''. Along the way you will pass some Orang Asli villages. A visit to these communities helps with the survival of their traditions. For example, you can buy local handicrafts and handmade souvenirs (purses made from recycled crisp and snack bags!). Entrance fees are not included.

We also stop en-route in the Chinese Sam Poh Tong cave temple in the city of Ipoh, where there is a huge number of turtles. 

Another stop is at the Orangutan Island, where you have the option of looking around. It is a small tropical island in the middle of the large freshwater lake in Bukit Merah. When the orangutans are babies, they are cared for in the nursery. The program attempts to protect the apes from extinction by breeding the animals. Also take a look at the island eco-tourism development: coping and learning from nature. Orangutan means "man of the jungle" in Malay. Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling animals with males easily weighing 83 kg.The entrance fee for Orangutan Island is excluded.

We stay in a well-kept hotel in Penang with Georgetown a short distance away.

Day 9: Penang

Free day. Georgetown has some fine colonial buildings like the Victoria Memorial Clock Tower, City Hall and British Fort Cornwall with its collection of historic cannons.

The 19th century Khoo Kongsi Clan House is a colourful mix of dragons, pictures, lamps and paintings. It operated as the location set for the movie "Anna and the King" in 1999. The Kek Lok Si temple complex with its colourful pavilions is also recommended.

The beautiful resort of Batu Ferringhi beach is also easily reached by taxi. Please note that there are jellyfish in the sea here. In the evening the main road from Batu Ferringhi turns into a big night market, the pasar malam. Its easy to find fine dining here as well. There is something for everyone here! take an optional sightseeing tour of the island, laze on a beach or enjoy the panoramic view from Penang Hill.

Day 10: Penang - Kota Bahru

We drive with the bus to Kota Bahru. Expect a long day of travel: it is about 10 hours away. Kota Bahru is the traditional crafts center of the country. You will find various craft workshops where you can buy songkat (material containing silver or gold threads), batik, wood carvings and silverware. The covered market is a colourful feast for the eyes. Here you will find a variety of tropical fruits like mangoes, rambutan, jackfruit and durians.

Day 11: Kota Bahru - Pulau Perhentian

This morning we go by bus to Kuala Besut (approx 2 hours) to take the boat to Pulau Perhentian. The boat ride takes us to the two beautiful Perhentian islands, surrounded by sparkling white beaches, crystal clear sea and beautiful coral reefs. A paradise for divers, windsurfers, snorkellers and sunbathers. We stay here 3 nights.

Note: Between 1st October and 31st March we do not go to Pulau Perhentian because of the monsoon. Most hotels, restaurants and diving schools are closed there during this time. Instead we visit the beautiful island of Pulau Langkawi also to the west of the country. The itinerary will be adjusted (as described later).

Day 12: Pulau Perhentian

How green can you go? TIP

Today you are free. The coral reefs around Pulau Perhentian are of exceptional quality. Snorkelling and diving equipment is available to hire. If you are certified to go diving then you should definitely take the chance to do so. This opportunity presents some truly fantastic diving. Unfortunately there is not enough time for a diver to gain qualification but you can still enjoy discovering the colourful underwater world. There are also daily (almost) snorkelling trips offered to the finest snorkelling spots around the island.

Sustainable travel

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Day 13: Pulau Perhentian

Another free day to relax, read a book, swim, snorkel or go for a stroll along the beach. Furthermore you can also go hiking in the dense jungles that cover most of the island.

Day 14: Pulau Perhentian - Kuantan-Besarah

We follow the coastline towards Kuantan Beserah, a lovely place to relax for 2 nights. From July to mid-September, nearby Cherating, green turtles come ashore at nighttime to lay their eggs. It is possible to witness this scene however, it is imperative that the turtles are not disturbed; otherwise they might return to sea without having laid eggs. There is also a Turtle Sanctuary with information center which is worthy of a visit.

Day 15: Kuantan-Besarah

Free day. Today you may choose to take an optional boat trip through the mangroves at Cherating. This is a nice leisurely way to spend some time whilst observing the wildlife. Kingfishers, snakes and lizards are some of the animals you might see here.

Beserah is a village famous for fresh fish and we recommend trying the local salted fish, known to all locals. Balok beach is the place for windsurfing and you should visit Pantai Batu Hitam, the special black stone beach.

Day 16: Kuantan-Besarah - Melaka

Today we travel by bus, west to the port city of Melaka. On the way we will stop in the new city of Putrajaya. Melaka is a major centre for trade with links to China, India and Indonesia. The first Europeans to recognise its strategic importance were the Portuguese, over the centuries the Dutch, Portuguese, French and British have all had a hand in running this area and have left their mark on the city. These are visible in the varying styles of architecture, churches, mosques and Buddhist and Hindu temples throughout the city.

In the Dutch style city centre the City Hall houses three museums, historical, folk and literature and there is an optional bus tour of the city’s cultural highlights, taking in the jumble of cultural influences, including Chinese, Indian, Thai, British, Portuguese and Dutch.

Day 17: Melaka

You have today free in Melaka where you can choose to explore in a becak (bicycle taxi) and visit the Chinese neighbourhood, take a night-tour or visit the Maritime Museum, the People’s Museum and the ruins of St. Paul’s church. Or you can visit nearby Porta de Santiago, once the main entrance to the Portuguese fortress A’Famosa. Chinatown is worth revisiting in the evenin when it really comes to life!

Day 18: Melaka - Johor Bahru - Singapore

Today we will travel overland by bus to Singapore (approximately 4 hours). We arrive at the border crossing in Johor Bahru where the local English-speaking station guide awaits to take you to your hotel.

Singapore is known for its modern skyscrapers and shopping malls. Orchard Road is ‘the’ shopping street of the city. Here you will find shopping mall after shopping mall and every imaginable item is sold. Orchard Road is also known for its many restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

Day 19: Singapore

You are free to enjoy Singapore as you please. Singapore has a rich colonial past and north of the river you will find the imposing buildings of the former British Empire. These include the town hall, the parliament building and several museums and churches in beautiful Victorian style. The Raffles Hotel is definitely worth a visit too. Here you can enjoy the famous drink of the city: The Singapore Sling.

Singapore is also a melting pot of different cultures with districts such as Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street. In Little India you can taste, smell and feel the atmosphere of India. The many temples here are also interesting. China Town is the cultural heart of Singapore and here too you will find a variety of restaurants, shops and temples. Arab Street is the Muslim part of town, a good place to pick out batik from Indonesia, water pipes and other souvenirs.

Day 20: Singapore

Free day. Bird lovers may wish to indulge in a trip to the Jurong Bird Park. On top of that, Singapore has one of the most beautiful zoos in the world where you can see rare animals like the Komodo dragon. For lovers of real Singaporean entertainment, a visit to Sentosa might be an idea. The best way to reach this theme island is by cable car. Popular attractions here include ‘Underwater World’ (with a spectacular aquarium), Images of Singapore, Fort Silosa, Asian Village, the Butterfly Park & ​​Insect Kingdom and many, many more!

Day 21: Singapore

The last day of your tour. You can use your hotel room in Singapore until check out time (most times at 12.00 hrs noon). We wish you a comfortable journey home and are sure you will take with you some wonderful memories of Malaysia and Singapore. 

Your personal ‘my.shoestring’ page on our website is the perfect way to make contact with other travellers before and after your trip. You can read and create journals from trips and upload your photos onto the photo gallery. Visit my shoestring today.

When booking your tour, please check to see whether you need any post-tour nights, bearing in mind that accommodation for the night of the final day of the tour (day 21) is not included.

Tour leading arrangements


Small groups (up to 6)
Groups with fewer than 7 persons will travel in the company of an English-speaking driver who also operates as the tour leader. When there are fewer than 7 persons, the tour leader will not necessarily be staying overnight in all of the same accommodations as the group. The tour leader will not accompany the group to the Perhentian Islands (Apr-Sep) or Langkawi (Oct-Mar) but will return to accompany the group on the mainland afterwards. On the island of Langkawi (Oct-Mar), assistance is provided by a local English-speaking 'station guide’.

Groups of 7 and above
Groups of 7 and above will be accompanied by a local English-speaking tour leader and a separate driver throughout, even on the islands of Perhentian (Apr-Sep) and Langkawi (Oct-Mar). For groups of 7 and above, the tour leader will sleep in the same accommodations as the group, with the exception of Kuala Lumpur. 


Regardless of group size, in the Singapore sector a Singaporean English-speaking station guide will take care of the group arrival only.

Please note: Between 1st October and 31st March we will visit the beautiful island of Langkawi instead of Pulau Perhentian (due to the monsoon).

Itinerary 1st October - 31st March:
1. Kuala Lumpur 2. Kuala Lumpur 3. Kuala Selangor 4. Taman Negara 5. Taman Negara 6. Taman Negara 7.Cameron Highlands 8. Cameron Highlands 9. Penang 10. Penang 11. Penang 12. Langkawi 13. Langkawi 14. Langkawi 15. Kuala Lumpur (by flight) 16. Melaka 17. Melaka 18. Singapore 19.Singapore 20.Singapore 21. Singapore ( End of tour)

The wonderful island of Langkawi actually consists of 99 separate islands, but when we talk about Langkawi, we always refer to the main island. Langkawi is a truly Malaysian island. The population consists of real Malaysians and everything here is calm and composed.

The island is great for nature lovers and peace seekers. The nature is truly beautiful. The cliffs along the coast are covered with dark green pristine jungle. They sometimes rise steeply to 60 meters above the blue sea. The Langkawi islands are a paradise for butterfly and bird experts. There are butterflies that can be found nowhere else in Malaysia. Langkawi has relatively quiet beaches and if you wish, you can be taken to one of the uninhabited islands to sunbathe. The main island has several beautiful bays, rich in coral and marine flora and fauna.

Clearly, there is snorkeling and "scuba diving" to be done too. You can also take canoe trips through splendid mangrove forests or go jungle trekking in dense rainforest. By boat you can visit the surrounding (largely uninhabited) islands or try to catch your dinner in a deep sea fishing trip. Also visit the crocodile farm - this is a must, there are almost a thousand examples of different animals including different types of crocodile and alligators. If the diving is a little too adventurous for you, you can visit Underwater World, where you will find, amongst others, clown fish, turtles and sharks! From Langkawi you can also take an optional excursion to Pulau Payar. This emerald-green island also allows for excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. And if you’re brave enough the marine center at Pulau Payar offers you the chance to let the baby black-tip sharks eat straight from your hand!

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